“The music is a mixture of rock, blues, soul and jazz” The Clinton Street Theater

BLUES BLAS MAGAZINE – Album Review – Hippie Love Slave – God Is Testing Me
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Back in the NW after many years in Hollywood, guitarist/singer/songwriter Kathryn Grimm (Bo Diddley, Michael Bolton, Screamin’ Sirens…) is once again making waves with her newly formed Portland band, “Hippie Love Slave“.  A fun mixture of blues and rock with psychedelic undertones, this truly original ensemble will delight the young and old.  Many local talents have come together to back up miss Kathryn, a musical dynamo whose music has had an honorable mention on the Official Grammy Ballot and who has been known to “pummel crowds into a blissful heap” (Los Angeles Times).  Hippie Love Slave are proud to perform the songs from their debut CD with musicians Jimi Hardin – drums, Bill Heston – keys, “Fizzle” – bass, Stevie Mercer – backups, Alan Alexander III – bass, Rosie Bell – percussion, Lynn Knight – fiddle, Charlie Swift – drums, and many others.