HIPPIE LOVE SLAVE was born in the brain of the prolific, award-winning recording artist KATHRYN GRIMM.  "I loved that name and when I relocated from Los Angeles to Portland Oregon it was time to bring that idea to fruition".  She wasted no time hunting for the perfect bandmates to help her realize her dream.

The band is fronted by MS. GRIMM, a petite and powerful guitarist / vocalist / songwriter, and backed by Drummer / Vocalist CHARLIE SWIFT and Bassist / Vocalist KELLY CLIFTON.  Although primarily a trio (see the "BEGUILED" video, the band’s ethereal rock hit), due to the popularity of the band Kathryn has adopted several "Honorary Members" who sit in from time to time (SONNY HESS, JULIET TERRILL, MIGUEL F., ROSEMARY BELL, ALAN ALEXANDER and the list keeps growing...). 

All members share a common Love for Rock, Blues, Jazz and 60’s music which makes for a truly original genre. “I like to call it ‘PSYCH-O-DELIA’, a manic mix of everything I love” says Kathryn.  HLS performs an eclectic selection of originals combined with clever renditions of their favorite cover tunes from The Animals to Bobby Caldwell.